playing opportunity in england - winter 2017

Fancy spending the winter months in England, playing cricket and making new friends - all while having an amazing life experience?

If the answer is yes - then there may be an opportunity to join up with former WSCC English import Adam "Kebab" Morris in the U.K. at the completion of the 2016-17 Australian summer of cricket. Seamer cricket club in Scarborough, North Yorkshire are on the hunt for an international cricketer - preferably at the MDCA 2nd Grade level or above - to join their premier XI between April 23rd and September 3rd, 2017.

Accomodation and employment (hospitality industry) are available if required - or alternatively you can bring your own trade qualifications for employment in other professions.

Former WSCC 1st Grade skipper Tom Irwin has previously played taken this opportunity to play abroad during the winter with Seamer cricket club - and always speaks highly of his time over there.

Tom Irwin (left) during the 2012 season in England

For further information please contact Aaron Mahony at