wscc 2017-18 management committee

Tony Williams President

All round good guy and club legend Tony Williams steps into the Presidents shoes for the 2018/19 season

Contact: tony williams

Phone: 0423 230 888

T McIntyre secretary - seniors
T McIntyre is fresh to Plovers this season having played a support role as a plovers partner. T McIntyre has stepped up to the role and boosted the female numbers on the committe to drive the female involvement in the sport.

Contact: t mcintyre

Phone: 0431 544 949

noel lawler treasurer
Another long serving player and committee member now into his 6th season as treasurer.

Contact: noel lawler

Phone: 0438 825 203

ross mcintyre vice president - seniors

Contact: TBA

tony williams president - juniors
Now into his third season as junior president, Tony is looking to build on the good work the team rolled out to the juniors since 2015-16.

Contact: tony williams

Phone: 0423 230 888

andrew adamson secretary - juniors
Now serving as Junior Secretary in his third innings, Andrew has quickly made himself a vital part of the engine room at Wests.

Contact: andrew adamson

Phone: 0425 253 704

warren jarrett committee
Life member of Western Suburbs Cricket Club and longest serving current committee member, Warren has been involved at the Plovers for over 30 years.

Contact: warren jarrett

Phone: 0400 426 417

james kealy committee
James continues his long service to Western Suburbs Cricket Club, remaining actively involved in the direction of the club.

Contact: james kealy

brad brooker committee
The WSCC Life Member returns to active service in the nest for 2016-17, bringing a wealth of experience to the table.

Contact: brad brooker
Phone: 0428 468 364

colin goward committee
A Life Member and distinguished club player with blood ties to the foundations of WSCC - Colin Goward has been involved at the club for over 4 decades.

Contact: TBA

riley harrison committee
From juniors right through to 1st Grade, Riley has come through the ranks at Western Suburbs and brings energy and fresh ideas to the discussion table.

Contact: TBA

david mortimer committee
Having lost count of the amount of seasons he has played in WSCC colours, David's experience is invaluable to the committee

Contact: TBA


damien trappel committee
Another club life member who has a vast amount of playing and administration experience, Damien returns to the committee in 2016-17.

Contact: damien trappel

Phone: 0439 307 870

john rolls committee
John has overseen the third Grade side fore many years - with his input to the committee being just as crucial.

Contact: john rolls

Phone: 0425 333 157

scott holz committee
A cult figure around the nest, Scott voices not only social opinions but contributes a positive influence over decisions made for the club.

Contact: TBA

tom irwin committe                  



Contact: TBA

ross mcentyre committee
The current 5th Grade skipper, Ross is the voice of the young and old at WSCC as he brings the combination of youth and experience to the table for his team.

Contact: TBA